Moving can be extremely stressful - here are a few tips to help ease the worries.  


• Wrap breakables (dishes, glases etc.) in clothing to save on bubble warp


• Remember to defrost your refrigerator at least a day before moving and wipe up any liquid.


• The height of the trucks are 4.1 m. If you are moving into a complex, please make sure that large trucks,       above 3 ton, are allowed in. If not, please make sure to contact us to make arrangements. With farms,           please please check on any low hanging tree branches or narrow gates which might cause a problem for       the truck to get in. The width of the trucks are 2,3m


• Any valuable items (jewellery, guns, cellphones, tablets, alchol etc.) should be kept with you, just in case       it gets misplaced


• Do not overload boxes - this can result in boxes tearing when picked up 


• Before you take electronics (stereo systems, T'V's etc) apart and pack them up, take a few pictures of the     back of your electronic devices — the cord situations, if you will. Having these pictures will make it that       much easier to set up your TV or monitor as soon as you move in — no fretting necessary.


• Label boxes to make it easier as to which boxes goes where - use our easy to download - colour coded             label templates.  Fits on the Tower Multipurpose Label range size:A4 70 x 101mm